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Originally Posted by Guild View Post
Food for thought - they are actually benching a SB Quad-core (4T) versus an IB dual-core (4T).

Once again, an IB dual-core is almost as fast as a SB quad-core albeit without HT (which boosts performance by a max of 30%).

Different conclusion?
Sorry but no,you don' know what you are talking about.Since I'm bored,I will demonstrate it for you.

HW used :
IB ES 2C/4T @ 1.8Ghz,4MBL3
SB @ 1.8Ghz, 4C/4T,6MB L3


CPU mark99-purely single threaded integer benchmark,cores don't matter.
IB @ 1.8Ghz gets 278pts
SB @ 1.8Ghz gets 276pts
Practically the same results,tiny difference that fits in margin of error.

SPi 1M-purely single threaded benchmark,with mixed int and fp code.
IB @ 1.8Ghz gets 22.19s
SB @ 1.8Ghz gets 20.8s
SB at the same clock is 6.6% faster than IB ES.

Cine 11.5- single and multithreaded benchmark,uses a lot of fp SSE instructions. In this particular case,tester used MT benchmark.In order to figure out how SB which has 2C/4T performs in it,we can find a comparable i3 SB retail chip and its score in C11.5 and then scale it down to 1.8Ghz clock.

IB @ 1.8Ghz 2C/4T gets 1.81pts
SB @ 1.8Ghz 4C/4T gets 2.61pts
SB 2120 model which is 2C/4T @ 3.3Ghz and no Turbo gets 3.19pts.
Compensate for 1.8Ghz clock speed : 3.19x1.8/3.3=1.74pts
So to recap:
IB @ 1.8Ghz 2C/4T gets 1.81pts
SB @ 1.8Ghz 2C/4T gets 1.74pts
SB at the same clock is 4% slower than IB ES.

IB ES is roughly on par with SB at the same clock and with the same number of cores and threads.There are some minor differences so actual scores vary from it being 6% slower than SB(SPI) ,being practically equal to it(CPU mark99) to being 4% faster(C11.5) at the same clock/core/thread configuration.All this is based on early ES,so clock speeds will move up and probably Turbo will be a bit more aggressive with IB.This could lead to better overall scores,but knowing intel's ES from the past,they usually perform within 5% from retail parts(at the same clock).This practically leaves only clockspeed/Turbo as a variable.
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