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Originally Posted by BigDuke View Post
I'd take anything from [H] with some skeptism. There's a lot of miss info out there about gpu boost, partially because its new. I have a base clock evga gtx 680(1006/1058 boost) under water. The thing only sees 39-40c under load. At those temps and stock power settings, core offset it only boosts up to 1110Mhz. The card is an excellent overclocker fortunately. I see 1340MHz boost speeds and 7Ghz mem speeds when overclocked.

At the regular 100% power setting the card will come up on tdp limits fairly quick which is why I think reports of these massive stock boost clocks are bs. Pretty much below 70c u are guaranteed top boost clock. Too much BS and misinfo out there. I will say that NV should alow the disabling of gpu boost if the user desires.
Or, it could be viewed as evidence that not all gtx 680's are created equal. This means, assuming both the review and you are accurate, that [H]'s review card is faster than yours. I wouldn't like that if I passed on a 7970, and bought a 680, based on [H]'s review sample.
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