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Old 06-12-2010, 02:10 PM
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Default 20 Companies And Products We Remember Fondly

Kevin over at Tom's have taken a stroll down memory lane. At least to be, it brought on quite a few smiles and plenty of fond memories

Thought I could share two of those with you. I'm sure you guys have tons of similar stories, but nevertheless...

At the University during a CAD lesson (this was during the 286-era), one of my classmates came to my desk and asked me if I could come over to the computer where he sat. He was quite distressed since he couldn't get his model to load and was afraid he had lost all his previous work. Of course I said yes and we got to his desk where he sat down, took his folded up 5 1/4 inch floppy out of the back pocket of his jeans, promptly pushed it into the diskdrive and said "OK... now, see here..."

Second "incident" was a couple years later as I again found myself at school writing a report for a class assignment when I heard some sounds clearly showing irritation, followed by the caracteristic sound of someone believing use of force might actually convince an unwilling computer to do what is asked. I looked up to the desk in front and asked what was up and got the reply that there was something wrong with the disk drive (the 3" kind). I asked how so, and he said the disk wouldn't insert, and then showed me by again trying to shove the disk in with force. By now I was smiling quite wide, since he had the disk turned with the metal slider outside, but just told him he needed to turn the disk around, to which he slightly embarrased said "oh..", and promptly flipped the disk upside down and tried again...
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