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Old 03-31-2017, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by juanrga View Post
I was talking about performance.

Some people purchase the cheapest possible; other prefer the item with best performance/price ratio. Other prefer the best, no matter what it costs. Other purchase subjectively; I know people that don't purchase certain brands, for example.
The obvious audience are, let's call them 'creators', and many of them aren't IP nerds, My God, they buy Apple boxes or cans, and people that need serious 'horsepower'. Have you seen any real evidence, that RyZen sucks in the 'horsepower' area? I have no doubt about, that RyZen will hold it's ground, but in the end, are people influenced by other things to. Fx. who will get the highest praises and supports the newest gadgets, these people are in to. Is Thunderbolt gonna be an issue etc. and the platforms and their support etc. The winner is gonna be the one people will wanna have, and deffinitly not, who from an 'objective' POV is the best.
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