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Old 12-27-2016, 06:08 PM
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On this point specifically, could 8 'stock' A72 cores 'emulate' X1's 8 Jaguar cores?

Asking this strictly from a cost and efficiency perspective as A72 would be cheaper than custom K12 or Zen.
I don't think that it could emulate the 1.75Ghz cores at any realistic clockspeed. Which means no B/C, or work by MS/Developer on nearly every title to get B/C

Efficiency A72/73 probably wins. On cost, MS almost certainly is sticking to AMD APU. K12 work is in theory already done. So A72/73 savings would probably end up mostly in die area.
Why would Microsoft go ARM with Scorpio? Possibly, to leverage UWP against Steam/Win32 X86 gaming by adopting ARM.
Or developers will just ignore the fraction of the market Scorpio will be (assuming a $500 price).

PS4 Pro has something similar, but I don't imagine increasing the resolution or draw distance, uncapping FPS, etc. takes much work given scale of most games. Especially compared t if need to switch to different architecture.
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