Pretec puts out a 2.5″ NAS box

Small, networked and efficient

THERE WAS ONE thing that stood out at the Pretec stand at Computex, and it came in multiple flavors. They had NAS boxes that accepted 2.5″ disks.

Pretec 4 bay mini-NAS 

Pretec 4-bay 2.5″ NAS

This may not sound like much, but when you see it, you realize exactly how small and portable this form factor makes storage. Instead of a large, bulky unit, the 4-bay version is barely larger than a single 3.5″ HD. If you plug in 4 500GB drives, you have a 2TB NAS in a very compact space.

 Pretec 2 bay mini-NAS

And then there were two

If that is too big for you, the two drive T-SATA series is just over cigarette pack sized, lets call it a pack of small cigars. It is only a terrabyte for now, but in a space smaller than a 3.5″ HD, it takes less power and has a network port. It is almost pocketable.

The versions we saw were mockups, something about expensive parts disappearing at the show, but the back had cutouts for USB, eSATA and LAN ports, along with a mystery hole. If you think 5400RPM SATA drives are a nice fit, think about packing these with SSDs. Talk about speed and low power, just don’t mention cost per GB.S|A

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