ATI 890 chipset pictured

But not where you might think

IF YOU KNOW where to look, the new ATI 8xx series chipset can be found at Computex. The trick, look to the servers.

Tyan S8212 

This is the next generation ATI part

In the Tyan booth, there were a bunch of new servers, but tucked away in a corner there were a few boards that had an interesting line on the name tag. It said, “AMD SR5890 + SP5100 chipset”, that is the name of the RS890 when you put it on a server board.

The board is called the S8212, and it has two sockets. As you can see, there are 16 DIMM slots, 1 16x PCIe, 3 8x PCIe, and a few older slots as well. It has the usual 6 SATA ports, 2 ethernet, and a VGA out that doesn’t stink.

This part will not only bring the server world into rezes higher than 1024*768 (YAY!!!!), but also adds some very nifty features like an IOMMU. If you have been wanting to virtualize your NICs and RAID controllers, this is the one chipset that can do it for you. It will be out later this summer.S|A

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