OCZ shows monster 1TB SSD

3.5 inches of capacity

LIFE IS A DOUBLE edged sword, when you find something cool and take pics of it, like the upcoming OCZ 1TB SSD, your pictures inevitably disappear. The up side is that it is easy enough to describe, and there are other things from the company that didn’t sneak off.

The one that got away is the upcoming 1TB SSD. It is interesting because the drive is a 3.5″ SSD, not 2.5″. Others have SSDs in that form factor, but they tend to be lower density and more industrial. The case around it is a fairly plain black anodized aluminum, but it is still a prototype. This is our backhanded way of saying that the case will likely change anyway, so it is better that we don’t have pictures.

Hopefully a handful of readers will believe that. If not, they should believe that it has two Indilinx SSD controllers, so it should be pretty speedy. OCZ is promising it for ‘summer’, so hopefully we will see it in the next 90 days or so.

OCZ 80+ gold PSE

PSUs don’t sneak away well

One that didn’t get away is the new OCZ Z850 PSU. At CeBIT, it was almost finished, and shipping ‘soon’, likely the first to market. The entire industry slipped a bit in getting 80+ Gold PSUs out the door, but it looks like OCZ did make it to market first. If you want a large capacity but hugely efficient PSU, your modular black box has arrived.

Back to systems, OCZ has been putting out a bunch of DIY PCs, basically a barebones system that you add components, storage and memory too. They have had the Neutrino DIY netbook on the market for a long time, and now it has a bigger brother.


Build your own SFF PC

A bit more upsized than the Neutrino is their new SFF PC. It is also a DIY machine, barebones with the ability to add memory, storage and a few other components. Because of this, building one should be fairly cheap, and allow beginners to get their feet wet in PC assembly in a fairly safe and controlled way.

If you think of it as a “My First PC Building Kit”, that isn’t a bad way to look at it. Get the kids started early on a life of basement dwelling, twinkies, and WoW early, if you don’t, they might pick up bad habits like sunshine, sports and socializing. The choice is yours.S|A

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