Flash your dead BIOS remotely

DFI shows off BIOSeSecure

DFI ALWAYS HAS an interesting new piece of technology or three to show off at Computex, and they usually make overclockers smile. This year they showed off one called BIOSeSecure.



Note the USB cable


The idea is simple, if you cook your BIOS when doing something silly like extreme overclocking or taking a hex editor to the guts of your system, things get annoying. No one likes removing BIOS chips, or worse yet programming flash memory when it is soldered down. With BIOSeSecure, you can plug in a USB cable and reflash the BIOS remotely.


miniUSB ports make life easy


The idea isn’t that complex, plug in a cable and upload a new BIOS, and off you go. What more do you need? If you just set things wrong and need reprogram, DFI puts a DIP switch right beside the port for uploading the new code. BIOSeSecure will first be found on the UT P55-T3eH10 P55 based board, but other will likely follow.



Two for the price of one


A lot of people like DFI boards for their overclocking ability, but dislike them for the price, we would like to remind you that quality costs. To address this, DFI has introduced two new low priced Blood Iron boards. On the left, we have the P45-T2(R)S Elite and the right is the 785F-M43.

The P45 is obviously based on the Intel P45 chipset, an overclocking favorite. This board is said to be good for at least a 600MHz FSB, and should retail for only $109. The 785F is based on the new DAAMIT 785G chipset, and will cost a bit more, but should clock very high as well.

The last thing is called EZ Mode BIOS, and should come in all boards but the UT line. The BIOS has an easy setup option to walk you through the things needed to overclock your board while learning what each item does. There is also a highly detailed BIOS manual, printed and on CD, so it might be worth picking one of these boards up just to learn about the optional features.

In the end, DFI is doing what it always does, enabling overclockers. If you know what you are doing, you can cook your mobo with a slightly better safety net. If you don’t know which end is up in the BIOS, there are things to help you there as well. Couple those things with a price drop, and life is good.S|A

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