PS3 Slim strips down for the camera

It was bound to happen, and we know you want it.

FROM THE GUYS who brought us the iPhone nudie pics and who made the unremovable MacBook battery removable, now comes the PS3 Slim tear-down.

*Spoiler Alert* The step-by-step guide shows us the entrails of the all-new PS3.

Amazing stuff, new 45nm Cell BE processor and all. To us PC tinkerers, the logic board looks simpler than most add-in PCIe cards, believe it or not. No big secret to the tear-down, but it does show the HDD is a standard 2.5-incher, so expect someone to upgrade it soon.

Kudos to iFixit. Very good DIY and photoskills these guys have. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we bring you iFixit’s Sony PS3 Slim porn.S|A

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