AMD has a booth at IDF

Shocking candid pictures inside

THERE WAS a sight at IDF today, right there in the far back corner of the showroom floor, that proved that heck just got slightly chillier. DAAMIT has a booth at IDF.

ATI booth at IDF

The booth in question

Yes, in the VESA/Displayport area, there are a bunch of booths, one of which is AMD, but it seems to have conveniently forgotten the green AMD logo. Instead, it just has the ATI logo, with nary the other letters of DAAMIT to be seen. In fact, it was not there at all.

Given the importance of Displayport, and that VESA is a standards body, it isn’t surprising that ATI is there, it is just a little odd to behold. Kind of like walking through the ATI building at Great America and noticing the conference rooms are named after industry trade shows, IDF included.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s shocker – AMD and Intel employees each with pens within reach, not trying to attack each other with them. GASP!S|A

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