Taiwan Broadband 2009 tradeshow

Wimax wave2 vs WiFi-n vs LTE

THE TAIWAN BROADBAND SHOW was a little quiet this year without Intel beating the PR drums for it like it did last year. Wimax is finally here as an alternative to both WiFi and 3G, offering both speed and range. But it took quite a while and 3G evolved into 4G, LTE, or 3GPP, which aims to offer WiFi-N speeds at Wimax range only one to two years from now.
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Microsoft promos Windows Phone

Ready, set… crash

MICROSOFT HAS LAUNCHED a marketing campaign promoting both Windows 7 and Windows Phone, er, Windows Mobile, we mean Windows CE 6.5. If you’re confused, don’t worry – the marketing staff we talked with had just as much of a hard time juggling those names around.
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