Nvidia GeForce 300 series grows

More rebadged GeForce 200 series cards

HP SEEMS TO BE a big fan of putting Nvidia’s rebadged GeForce 300 series cards in its systems, as a second card has come to light, namely the GeForce 315. The GeForce 315 is based on Nvidia’s GT216 graphics chip, which is better known as the GT220 in retail.

The specs seem to be identical. The GeForce 315 has its GPU clocked at 625MHz while the 1GB of 128-bit DDR3 memory in this case is clocked at 790MHz. HP doesn’t specify the shader clock of this card. The card will use a maximum of 52W of power and has a DVI and D-sub connector.

Interestingly, it seems like this card is aimed solely for the Chinese market, at least according to one of several HP product pages. Unlike the GeForce 310, the 315 is a full-size card, although this is hardly a novel feature, especially since HP decided to drop the DisplayPort connector which was the only selling point of its GeForce 310 card.

In related news, Nvidia’s Forceware 190.73 drivers that can be found on Microsoft Update contain details about a couple of additional GeForce 300-series cards, namely the GeForce GT320 and GeForce GT330. There are two different GeForce GT330 models listed and we’re not sure what the actual difference between these cards will be.

The question here is whether the GeForce GT320 and GT330 will be based on a new architecture, or if they too will something old with a new shiny name. We really wish Nvidia would stop playing the name game, but a bit of consumer confusion doesn’t seem to bother Nvidia the least. In fact, we’re fairly sure that Nvidia counts on it.S|A

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