Nvidia GTS360M is a renamed GT240

Hits the market with a dull splat

Nvidia world iconNVIDIA’S RENAMING SCAM has another name to add to the list. The G215 is now called the GTS360M. Consumers aren’t warned that they are getting old tech with a new name, but Nvidia will proudly tell you that it is 120 more of something than the GT240 that was in desktop form, and the S and M are added bonuses.

Thanks to a reader who informed us of this page from the Netherlands, which proudly lists the GTS360M as the GPU for a quad core laptop. The 360M is not a new product, it is just a rebadged G215 downclocked to a mobile part. That chip was a yawner at full spec and the downgrade is going to be even less exciting.

GTS360M ad

GTS360M = GT240 = G215 ~=G92–

Luckily, the GTS360M is not just a DX10.1 card, it is 120 meaningless model number points further along, and with S and M better. If you have the brains of a mollusk, you might just believe it is related to the late, lamented Fermi. At least that is the hope, apparently. But for the company to be honest about it would be akin to Nvidia admitting that it has nothing more to offer consumers than a marketing campaign right now. It’s okay though, all signs point to Nvidia not going the honest route. Ever.

So, another day, another Nvidia renaming. Can you feel the excitement? Even if you can, we suggest waiting just a little over a week before you decide. The game is going to change radically before mid-January.S|A

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