New Atom processors get announced early

Performance lacking but power frugal

INTEL’S NEW ATOM processors were expected to launch in early January, but it seems like Intel had a change of heart and decided to announce the new processor family today. The Atom N450, D410 and D510 are all now official alongside the NM10 chipset and Intel’s “new” GMA3150 IGP that’s now an integral part of the CPU packaging. However, what many are waiting to find out is if Intel’s new Atom platform will offer any advantages for the end user.
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Intel announces that it’ll announce new processors

8:02 am January 7th

CHARLIE IS GOING to have an early start on the first day of CES, at least if he’s planning on attending Intel’s press briefing for its new Core processors that currently go under the code names of Clarkdale and Arrandale. Intel has posted its CES plans and it looks like the most anticipated part is set to start at 8:02 am, which seems a little bit early, at least for most of the journalists we know in the business.
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$99 Linux PC in a keyboard launches

Borrows a few design cues from Amiga

THE ASUS EEE KEYBOARD might be the most desirable computer in a keyboard design, but it’s unlikely to be cheap once it launches considering all the little tweaks Asus had done to it since it was announced. Enter the NorhTec Gecko Surfboard, the $99 PC in a keyboard that runs Linux on a 1GHz x86 SoC. If you found the Eee Keyboard to be way too powerful for your needs, then look no further as the Gecko Surfboard won’t break any performance records.
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Taiwan researchers make 16nm chip

Using maskless photoresist-free nano-injection lithography

INTEL IS ABOUT to launch its first 32nm processors in early January, with 22nm next on its roadmaps, but it seems like Intel has been beaten to 16nm by the Taiwan National Nano Device Laboratories (NDL). However, NDL is a research and development outfit rather than a profit seeking enterprise and as such is looking for partners in Taiwan to take its research forward.
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The Asus Pegatron saga continues

ECS to make Asus motherboards?

CONTINUING ON where we left off a couple of days ago, more details about Asus’ plans for the future has appeared. It’s not looking pretty and if the rumours and speculations are true, then we can see a lot of users abandoning Asus as the brand to go to for motherboards in favour for its competitors. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as at least Asus’ share price has started to level out after a sharp drop over the past few days, but it’ll take some time before it gets back to its previous level.
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YouTube to start charging for content?

Google takes a leaf from Rupert Murdoch’s book

IT’S REALLY SAD that it has come to this, but YouTube is considering charging for certain content. It appears that Google isn’t happy with the way things are going with its purchase, as despite being the most popular video site on the interweb, YouTube isn’t making Google any money. In fact, YouTube is losing money, a lot of money and Google has started to look at other ways of getting content onto its video site.
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Asus loses $1.12 billion in value due to Pegatron spinoff

Stock market traders in Taiwan dump Asus stock

ACCORDING TO MULTIPLE REPORTS, it looks like Asus might be getting ready to pull the plug on its motherboard business unit. This might sound like a very drastic move by Asus, but with the Pegatron spinoff as a separate business entity, it might just make long term sense. It’s hardly news that Asus is aspiring to become something more and has long had its sights on becoming the next Acer. This might seem to be an odd goal, but Acer has been a phenomenally successful company.
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Model names and pricing revealed on upcoming Intel CPUs

Gulftown turns into the Core i7 980X Extreme Edition

CHINA SEEMS TO BE LEAKING all sorts of Intel roadmaps these days and details of Intel’s upcoming 6-core high-end consumer CPU based on the Gulftown core, alongside details of several other new CPUs, have made their way online. As expected, the first consumer version of the Gulftown core will be an Extreme Edition CPU and it looks like it will be called the Core i7 980X Extreme Edition.
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Telia Sonera launches its LTE 4G network

Sweden and Norway’s capital cities first to get it

SOMEWHAT EARLIER than expected, Telia Sonera has launched its 4G network today in Stockholm, Sweden and Olso, Norway. It’s questionable if this is the first operational 4G network in the world, as some refer to WiMAX as 4G as well. However, Telia Sonera is the first company in the world to launch a consumer ready LTE service and it looks like Finland will follow shortly.
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