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Seeing greener

NATRALOCK by MWV (MeadWestvaco) could in an alternate world have the slogan “We suck less” and it would be absolutely right.

Lower weight packaging that a human with opposable thumbs and a scissors can open in just a minute or so. Imagine that world. Hmm, no more packaging rage, no more frustration before you discover that you got the wrong batteries for your new camera? You might have thought opposable thumbs would have come with the ability to open clamshell packaging, but there you would have been wrong.

Natralock thinks it has a solution and, from the number of companies that are adopting its packaging for a line or three of electronics, it seems the industry wants to do anything it can to gain ‘green cred’. Now, not to say that this isn’t a step in the right direction. It must be with a 60 percent reduction in plastic in the packaging and 65 percent less energy expended to produce the packaging, which also translates to a production savings of water too. Mind you the reduction of water used in the production of packaging is but a drop in the ocean compared to the water required to produce the silicon chippery that runs your electronics.

The following pictures show the new paperboard packaging on the left side and the old clamshell, rage inducing stuff, on the right side.


And lastly, where the money really is, that the packaging takes up less space so shipping costs are reduced. But what the manufacturers really like is that the sealing process runs approximately 60 percent faster and most sealing machinery can use these materials on the current production lines. The transition is a no-brainer.


Natralock has yet to cinch the deal with Amazon to help it implement its “frustration free” packaging, which from our holiday shopping proved to be non-existent. But Natralock has managed to offer its scissors openable packaging to Kodak, Panasonic, Duracell, HP’s accessory line and Sandisk, amongst the electronics you’ll now be able to open without major injury from your tussle with the plastic clamshells.S|A

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