First GTX480 and GTX470 retail listings appear

Not a lot of details, but we have pricing

WE DON’T KNOW how accurate these first listings of GeForce GTX480 and GTX470 cards are, but SabrePC has listed cards from both XFX and PNY on its website for pre-order. The total lack of details makes us wonder if this is just a drive to get people to its website, or if it’s indeed the real thing.

The GTX480 cards will apparently ship with 2GB of GDDR5 memory while the GTX470 cards will have to make do with 1GB of GDDR5 memory. Some of the details seem a bit off though, as cards based on both GPUs are listed as having 512 Stream Processors which is very unlikely to be the case. And if you wondered, both the GTX480 and GTX470 will use a PCI Express x16 interface (well, duh).

So what about the pricing then? Well, SabrePC are kind enough to offer a $20 discount on both the XFX and PNY GTX480 cards, although its two GTX470 cards have to make do without a discount. However, that $20 discount doesn’t even make a dent in the price, as both cards are listed with an “original price” of a whopping $699.99 and the tiny discount gets this down to an almost as insane $679.99. This means that you can get an ATI Radeon HD 5970 for less – Newegg has one model in stock for $649.99 – and we’d expect these cards to outperform the GTX480.

The good news is that the GTX470 cards are significantly cheaper, but sadly not cheap enough, as at $499.99 they’re about $100 more expensive than a Radeon HD 5870 which can quite easily be found for $399.99. If these prices hold true, then we can’t really see a lot of people buying either card, unless of course they’re a diehard Nvidia fanboy. We hope, for Nvidia’s sake, that these prices are way off, but truth be told, they do seem to be in the right ballpark considering the cost involved in manufacturing these cards. Just don’t miss reading the “customer reviews” on SabrePC, they’re good fun if you’ve got the time to spare.S|A

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