HiSaver makes a green power strip

CeBIT 2010: Motion sensor + power strip = smart

Hisaver logoTHERE ARE A lot of ‘green’ devices that pop up every day, most of which are about as green as an old coal power plant built on an environmentally sensitive wetland. At CeBIT, a small Korean company called HiSaver showed off a green power strip that actually makes a lot of sense.

HiSaver power strip

Power strip + motion sensor = smart

The idea is quite simple, take a power strip and add a motion sensor to it. If it doesn’t detect movement for about a minute, it shuts off power to most of the strip. There are five outlets, the first is always on, the other four are switched. If you set up your PC on the first, and the rest of your peripherals on the others, it won’t kill your work when you go get coffee.

These power strips are shipping now in both 120V (US) and 220V (EU) flavors. The cost is about $99 in the US, and roughly equivalent for the rest of the world. Not bad for a good idea that is really ‘green’.S|A

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