Mobile Nvidia Fermi GTX480 shown at CeBIT

CeBIT 2010 Big laptop, vaporware cooled

Cebit logoONE QUESTION THAT a lot of the financial set are asking has to do with Nvidia and mobile. While the company is effectively out of mobile for 2010, there was at least one GTX480 based laptop at CeBIT.

There were five GTX480 displays at the show officially, but a bunch more were tucked away if you knew where to look. One brave company even had a Fermi GTX4x0 notebook behind closed doors. We say GTX480, but it could have been anything. Nvidia was not telling its partners last week what card would have what specifications.

Although SemiAccurate did see the unit in question, we can’t show you pics of it to protect the vendor, since it would be immediately obvious to Nvidia who was showing it. That said, it is one of those oversized units that uses desktop components and has a battery life measured in meth tweaker’s heartbeats.

It is going to be interesting to see if this deskbook makes production. We should know by Computex if it is a go or not. The company can make them, but can Nvidia supply the GPU chips? More to the point, can it supply chips to the thermal specs it promised when the cooling solution for the laptop was designed? For technical reasons, we don’t think it will happen, but there is always a chance. Our recommendation is to hold off on putting a deposit down until it is clear that this makes retail.S|A

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