AMD’s 880G chipset doesn’t impress

780G and SB850 in a nutshell

BIT-TECH HAS POSTED some early impressions of AMD’s upcoming entry level 880G chipset and the word unimpressed springs to mind. Although the IGP has been renamed Radeon HD 4250, it’s said to offer no performance advantages over the older Radeon HD 3200 IGP of the 780G.

The only advantage appears to be SATA 6Gbps support from the new SB850 southbridge, but this is most likely not going to be a major point of interest for potential buyers of an 880G based motherboard. Unlike the 890GX, the 880G doesn’t support dual digital display outputs either, which is another huge disappointment, as even Intel can do this on its most basic CPU’s with integrated Intel HD graphics.

It looks like AMD might be losing the battle for the best IGP graphics solution in the entry level market space, which has been one of AMD’s strong selling points in the past. It’s really a shame that AMD didn’t do more with the 880G chipset, but it seems like the company is trying to get its customers to consider the 890GX chipset for most things rather than the 880G. So if you’ve been waiting for the 880G chipset, you might as well get the 780G now and get it over and done with, or if you can afford it, go with the higher-end 890GX.S|A

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