Asus launches the P7F7-E WS SuperComputer motherboard

For Intel’s latest LGA-1156 Xeon’s

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a somewhat more affordable Xeon system, then Intel’s latest 32nm Xeon L3406 might be of interest to you, as the new CPUs start at as little as $189 for a dual core, quad threaded model. Although this CPU will fit in various motherboards, the ideal companion would be a motherboard with the Intel 3450 chipset and guess what, Asus has just announced a new motherboard based on just that chipset.
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iPad rush is already over

No shortage as yet

THE EARLY RUSH to place pre-orders for the iPad has slowed down to something more akin to a trickle only days after Apple opened up its US pre-order program. On Friday last week, Apple had as many pre-orders as 25,000 an hour, but by Sunday this had slowed to a much more reasonable estimate of 1,000 units per hour.
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