Computex to double as beauty pageant

Say what?

SOMETIMES YOU JUST can’t help but wonder at the kind of press releases you get sent and we’re really wondering what the TCA, one of the organizers of Computex, is up to. It seems like this year, due to the 30 year anniversary of Computex there will be 30 Computex “Sweeties” that are meant to “stir-up the atmosphere” of the show.

These 30 girls will be picked out of “200 female applicants” that have registered for a chance to become one of the 30 Computex “Sweeties”. Now we know that there are “booth babes” at these kinds of shows, but it starts to sound like the TCA has decided to turn Computex into a beauty pageant when you start reading the details of the press release.

Here’s what Taitra has to say about the selection process. “One of the basic requirements is the English-speaking ability, which some applicants can even speak 5 foreign languages. In addition to their sophisticated personality and well-experienced in dancing, hosting job and catwalk, some applicants have more talents including a drummer, a co-captain of baseball squad, owned various kinds of technical ability certificates and etc., causing big headache to TCA how to evaluate and eliminate such beauty and talented applicants.”

If you excuse the poor English, it really sounds like we’re looking at attending Miss Taiwan this year rather than an IT related show. We’re actually quite amused by the whole thing, but one has to presume that the TCA is trying a new method of attracting visitors to the show, although we’re not sure this is the right way to do it. We’re not sure how the TCA will pick which of the applicants will be the lucky 30, but they’ll be unveiled at a pre-show press conference on the 26th of May and we’ll make sure to be there and bring you some pictures of the “Sweeties”.S|A

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