Sapphire scores new motherboard team

Yes, it’s the EVGA team

THE EVGA  MOTHERBOARD team story is starting to unfold as we’ve found out more details about what’s going on. It turns out that the team did indeed leave and they left because they had a better offer from none other than graphics card maker Sapphire.

This is a huge turn of events and it’s going to cause some real problems for EVGA in the long term. Sapphire didn’t outright confirm the rumour about EVGA’s motherboard team going to them, but let’s just say that our sources at Sapphire were saying that the company was getting ready to unveil some new products early next year.

Sapphire was also aware of the fact that the EVGA motherboard team left the company and hinted at the fact that Sapphire might’ve been involved. A third party did however confirm the story stating clearly that the EVGA team had indeed gone to Sapphire. The third party also informed us that Sapphire is getting ready to launch AMD Fusion motherboards will falls nicely in line with a new range of products next year from Sapphire.

This will most likely see Sapphire terminating its current partnerships with various motherboard manufacturers that the company has been working with to create its current range of motherboards. We can’t wait to see what will come out of Sapphire’s new motherboard team, although it looks like we’ve a few months to wait until we’ll see the first products appearing.S|A

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