DFI out of consumer business

Computex 2010: Just like we said

DFI LogoIT LOOKS LIKE SemiAccurate’s sources were dead on last year when we said that DFI was leaving the consumer motherboard business. It is a sad thing to say, but at this year at Computex, the company had no consumer products to show off at all, only industrial PCs.

Although the company issued some very strongly worded denials when we first broke the news late last year, SemiAccurate had no doubts that the consumer business at DFI was already dead. When we did not see them at CeBIT, things looked grim. While that in and of itself is not confirmation of the changes at the motherboard maker, one look around their stand at Computex left no doubts.

DFI Stand

Quite a sad sight

Some other sites have noticed the change, and some even turned up on their doorstep to poke around. There is still no official comment from DFI, but the last bit of official news on the fabled LanParty line was on November 17, 2009. Their industrial PC line however is going strong, but that is of little consolation to the enthusiast set.

We wish the industrial PC side of DFI all the best, and lament the passing of one of the most innovative enthusiast board producers out there. Good luck in the new endeavors guys, I want to see some highly overclockable Atom boards in the very near future.S|A

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