The Epic debate Part 3: Humor does not cross oceans

GDC 2010: Graphics, busses, chunking data, Tim and Andrew

Epic LogoPART THREE OF the ‘Epic’ debate follows our intrepid heroes, Tim Sweeney and Andrew Richards, through the wilds of a GDC conference room, in the heart of the Moscone Center forest. The topic: Graphics hardware and it’s future, programmable or more fixed hardware?

In Episode 3, our group of kind hearted heroes talk about cell-like architectures, chunking data, moving it around buses, and a bit on data locality. In a subtle twist, bits of humor and non-multicultural jokes abound, but sadly fall flat. The lesson from today’s episode? Don’t crack jokes based on cultural norms to people from countries that don’t share said norm. That, and something about graphics.

Part 3 is below, Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here. There will be more posted each day until we have the entire 45 or so minutes up. Once again, thanks go to Tim, Andrew, and Robert Lupo.S|A

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