Bulldozer, Bobcat, Westmere-EX and Power shine at Hot Chips

The chip conference of the summer

Hot Chips logoTHE HOT CHIPS 22 conference has released their lineup of talks this year, and it once again looks really good. If you haven’t been to one yet, it is one of the best conferences about chip architecture out there, and well worth attending.

Held every August on the Stanford University campus, it is three days of wild, rollicking, transistor related fun. You will meet people that designed the chips you use, the next few you haven’t used yet, and a few you have never even heard of. Fun and games abound.

The lineup for this year is below.S|A

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Morning Tutorial: Non-Volatile Memory
Chairs: Aurangzeb Khan (Citius Consulting) Dan Lenoski (Cisco)

* Forging a Future in Memory Ed Dollar (Micron)
* Status and Prospect for MRAM Technology Saied Tehrani (Everspin)
* Metal Oxide RRAM as a Future Non-Volatile Memory Paul Kirsch (Sematech)
* Solid-State Disks in Enterprise Systems (TBD)
* Storage Class Memory Richard Freitas (IBM Almaden)

Afternoon Tutorial: Optical Interconnects – Case Studies
Chairs: Ron Ho (Oracle) Rick Hetherington (Oracle)

* Overview: VCSELs to Silicon Nanophotonics Ashok Krishnamoorthy (Oracle)
* Silicon photonics in the data center Al Davis (U. of Utah, HP Labs)
* Silicon photonics and memories Vladimir Stojanovic (MIT)
* Hybrid on-chip data networks Gil Hendry (Columbia)
* Multi-chip photonic network Frankie Liu (Sun Labs, Oracle)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Opening Remarks

High Performance Computing
– Session chair: Bill Lynch (Huawei)

* Fermi GF100: A GPU For Compute, Tessellation, Physics, and Computational Graphics (NVIDIA)
* End of Scaling of Traditional Microprocessors (Schlumberger, Stanford)
* Adaptive Energy Management Features of POWER7 (IBM)

Keynote 1: Searches Originating Inside and Outside of Your Head Hartmut Neven (Google)

Mobility Processing – Session Chair: Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford)

* Extensions to the ARM v7-A Architecture (ARM)
* Solving 4G Challenges with Multi-Core Baseband SoCs (Mindspeed)
* GreenDroid: A Mobile Application Processor for a Future of Dark Silicon (UC San Diego, MIT)

Networking & the Data Center
– Session Chair: Krste Asanovic (UC Berkeley)

* A Wire-Speed Processor: 16 POWER(r) Cores with 64 Threads per Core (IBM)
* Smart Memory for High-Performance Network Packet Forwarding (Huawei USA)
* iMB™:Enabling Low-Power Cloud Computing and Server Virtualization (Inphi)

Evening Panel: Asia: Partner or Competitor?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

– Session Chair: Pradeep Dubey (Intel)

* 28nm Generation Programmable Families (Xilinx)
* Stratix V with 28Gbps Transceivers in 28nm (Altera)
* 3D FPGA for Improved Density, Power and Performance (Tier Logic)

Interconnects – Session chair: Bill Dally (Stanford/NVIDIA)

* ICC:An Interconnect Controller for the Tofu Architecture (Fujitsu)
* The Hub Module in 45nm CMOS SOI : A Terabyte Interconnect Switch for High-Performance Computer Systems (IBM)
* Silicon Photonics: Optical Connectivity at 25 Gbps and Beyond (Luxtera)
* Spidergon STNoC: Network-on-Chip Gives Added System Value (ST Microelectronics)

Keynote 2: Electronics in Cars – Burkhard Huhnke (VW Palo Alto Lab)

Servers – Session Chair: Alan Smith (UC Berkeley)

* Westmere-EX: A 20-Thread Server CPU (Intel)
* Architectural Innovations in Westmere-EP (Intel)
* GS464V: A High-Performance Low-Power XPU with 512-Bit Vector Extension (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

New Processor Architectures
– Session Chair: Bevan Baas (UC Davis)

* The Next-generation System z Micro-Processor (IBM)
* AMD’s “Bulldozer” Core – Multi-Threaded Compute Performance for Maximum Efficiency and Throughput (AMD)
* AMD’s “Bobcat” x86 Core – Small, Efficient and Strong (AMD)

Closing Remarks

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