The Epic Debate Part 5: Weapons unsheathed

Tim Sweeney vs Andrew Richards on graphics and programmability

Epic Games LogoTHE SECOND TO last part of the Epic debate/casual conversation between Tim Sweeney and Andrew Richards gets a bit testy at times, to the point of making the camera man nervously pan to the provided weapons. The two also talk about tech as well, and in the end, no one dies, that has to wait for Part 6.

Both of the debaters manage to show remarkable restraint with the provided weapons, even though they don’t agree much. The topic today is fixed function hardware vs programmable hardware, and how that plays out. Is image quality more important than raw speed? Does time to market matter? Will Lassie manage to tell Pa that Timmy is in trouble down by the river? Do real world constraints come into play for game design?

All this and much more in Part 5 of the Epic Debate. You can find Parts 1 through 4 here, here, here, and here. If you are wondering why the audio is so bad, read part 1, we cleaned it up as best we could. That said, on with Part 5. S|A

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