Razer announces StarCraft II peripherals

Keyboard, mouse and headset

STARCRAFT II IS COMING and the game is only about a month away, but it seems like we’re already seeing the first licensed peripherals arriving from none other than Razer. Blizzard and Razer’s collaboration was announced in August last year, but it’s taken this long for Razer to release any details on the new peripherals. A new keyboard, mouse and headset have been announced and all three are, of course, adorned with StarCraft II motifs.
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The new Mac mini is here

Thinner, more powerful, more features and user upgradeable

APPLE SURPRISED US TODAY by launching its new, completely overhauled Mac mini. The actual hardware specs haven’t been given a huge boost, but the rest of the system isn’t the Mac mini as you know it. Apple has somehow managed to shrink it down to a mere 1.4-inches (3.6cm) tall, compared to 2-inches (5.1cm) for the previous model. However, this is a small feat compared to the rest of the changes.
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Tim Sweeney and Andrew Richards debate the future of graphics hardware

GDC 2010: An Epic debate Part 1

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN you get two very smart people, Tim Sweeney from Epic Games, and Andrew Richards from Codeplay, with diametrically opposed views together in the same room to talk about the future of graphics hardware? Easy, a debate. At GDC this year, that is exactly what SemiAccurate did, and through the magic of video cameras, you too can enjoy the spectacle.
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The best of the rest from Computex 2010

Some unusual and interesting things from the show

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO cover everything from a trade show like Computex, but in this article we thought we’d try to put together some of the interesting things we saw at the show. We’ve covered most of the big companies on their own, so here we’re going to try to cover some of the companies that aren’t so familiar. Read on for some useful gadgets, interesting pieces of hardware and some more unusual bits of kit.
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Leadtek shows off PCI Express box for your notebook

New hardware video encoder/transcoder card

LEADTEK WAS ONCE one of the big names in the graphics card industry and although the company is still selling graphics cards, including the highly lucrative Quadro products from Nvidia, the company has branched out into other segments over the years. This year Leadtek was showing off a couple of interesting products at Computex, one for notebook users and one for those that work with video files.
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Let’s not forget the H67 chipset

Integrated graphics support

ALTHOUGH NOT NEARLY as commonplace as P67 motherboards at Computex, we did spot some H67 boards as well. The peculiar thing is, at least as far as we are aware, Intel isn’t planning on doing any LGA-1155 processors without integrated graphics, so having two different chipsets doesn’t make that much sense, but then again, Intel doesn’t always make sense when it comes to product SKUs.
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ASRock and ECS first with two USB 3.0 host controllers

Different implementations, slightly different results

ONE FLAW WITH USB 3.0 is that you’re stuck with only a pair of ports around the back on your motherboard, but it seems like the motherboard manufacturers are getting ready to solve that problem for you. As we reported a couple of days ago, ASRock and ECS are using an internal pin-header, but both of the boards in question also feature two USB 3.0 host controllers.
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