CPT talks eDP, shows off six screen demo

DisplayPort is coming, but it’s moving slowly

BACK IN MAY we told you about a bridge solution from Chrontel that turns an LVDS signal into a DisplayPort signal and we wondered why DisplayPort was taking such a long time to appear in devices. Apple is the only notebook manufacturer to date to use DisplayPort as well as eDP or Embedded DisplayPort on its entire range of notebooks. Today we got some answers from Chunghwa Picture Tubes.
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AUO shows off 16,000:1 contrast ratio AMVA displays

3000:1 for mobile devices

CONTRAST RATIO FOR displays is one of the most over hyped features these days. Most manufacturers use what is known as dynamic contrast ratio which is anything but an accurate figure of the actual contrast ratio of your display. However, AU Optronics was showing off some interesting high contrast displays at Display Taiwan earlier today that could be set to change the market.
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Tiny motherboards roundup from Computex

Part one of two

WE FIGURED WE’D do a small roundup of some of the small form factor motherboards that we spotted at Computex to try and keep it all in one place so to say. We’ve got a few interesting boards to show, a few unusual boards and some we don’t quite get. This is the first of two where we take a closer look at some products from ASRock, DFI and Giada.
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ASRock and ECS comes up with custom USB 3.0 pin-header

Appears to use the same connector

ONE PROBLEM WITH USB 3.0 is that, to date, there’s no common pin-header layout for internal USB 3.0 connectors, but it appears that ASRock and ECS have taken things into their own hands and have come up with a suitable solution. Interestingly the two companies appear to be using exactly the same type of connector, although we don’t know if the pin-out is the same.
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SilverStone shows off its new FT03 Fortress case

Unusual design, likely to appeal to those looking for something different

THE BEIGE BOX is anything but beige these days and recently there has been a huge trend to make all black cases, including the internals. However, it seems like a new trend is kicking off where case manufacturers are going for white rather than black. SilverStone’s new FT03 Fortress doesn’t go all white, but it’s definitely a case that’s flirting with the new trend.
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