Potential HTC Desire HD specs tip up

HTC’s most feature rich Android handset to date

THERE’S NO DOUBT that Google’s Android smartphone operating system has become a huge hit and we’re seeing more and more devices with that OS. Details of what is potentially HTC’s next high-end Android handset has turned up on a UK website and it looks like HTC is getting ready to take up the fight with the latest models from its competitors.

The website in question is called Supertrader and is a SIM free mobile phone retailer, of course this does not mean that the specifications posted on the company blog are anything near that of what will actually go into the actual handset. However, unlike some earlier and much more unrealistic spec leaks, what we’re looking at this time could very well be something very close to the final specs of the Desire HD as the handset is expected to be known as.

For starters the Desire HD is said to get a larger 4.3-inch WVGA display (up from 3.7-inches), a higher resolution 8Megapixel camera – the same as the Droid Incredible which is also made by HTC – and the camera is also said to capture 720p video. Supposedly it’ll retain the 1GHz Qualcomm processor, unlike earlier rumours stating that it would get a 1.3GHz dual core processor. It should also get 4GB of internal flash memory, although this is only half that of the Incredible. Finally it’s said to include a uni-body aluminium design – presumably something similar to the HTC Legend.

On the software side of things it should come with Android 2.2 although with added support for XviD video playback, SRS surround sound, Adobe Flash 10 support, an eBook reader app and automatic face tracking for the camera. The Desire HD will of course be a GSM/3G/HSDPA handset, although there are currently no details as to which network bands it will operate on, but it’s safe to presume it’ll have quad band GSM support.

There’s nothing too unlikely on this list of features and it won’t even make the Desire HD the most feature rich handset on the market by the presumed October launch date, at least not if HTC’s competitors bring out some of their promised devices in a timely manner. The new specifications have most likely caused some disappointment as many were looking forward to a dual core HTC Android handset before the end of the year, but that looks a lot less likely now.S|A

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