Intel and GE up to something terribly exciting

Damned if we know what it is though

Intel Stars IconINTEL AND GE have are doing something with healthcare today, and there is a webcast going on as this is written. Thoughtfully, Intel and GE have saved us from the excitement of that webcast through advanced technical features.

Yes, Intel seems to have done the obnoxious thing and made the webcast not just Windows only, but Windows with media player 9+. Those not willing to put in the security flaw masquerading as an operating system are locked out.

Intel doesn't learn

When will people learn?

Please note that our coverage, while entertaining and enlightening would not change the world much. If there is one thing more boring than health care automation, it is corporate moves and tie-ups around health care automation. Expect a press release shortly, probably here.

Should you not feel listless and despondent enough as it stands, it will probably get you there. Should you feel listless and despondent, please view the following five links, they might help. 12345. All are safe for work, and guaranteed to be more exciting than health care automation finance or your money back.S|A


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