Samsung launches 667GB per platter hard drive

The EcoGreen F4

HARD DRIVE DATA density has taken another leap forward, although this time it’s thanks to Samsung, of all companies, as it latest EcoGreen F4 2TB hard drive features no less than 667GB of storage space per platter. That means that you only need three platters to create a 2TB drive, something Samsung’s competitors have yet to accomplish.

The F4EG as the hard drive is also known as, features a 32MB cache and a standard SATA 3Gbps interface. Samsung claims that it is 23 percent more power efficient than Samsung’s previous mode, the F3EG and that it’s 19 percent faster to start crunching data from standby.

Seagate recently launched its 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external drive, but this behemoth features no less than five 600GB platters. We might be seeing even higher data density per platter before the end of this year and it’s not unreasonable to expect 700GB+ per platter. Adding more platter as per the Seagate drive has, in the past, caused certain reliability issues, the word deathstar is likely to bring back some very bad memories for some.

Samsung is expected to start selling its new F4EG drives in September in the US and Europe with a suggested retail price of $119.99 for the 2TB model. Hard drives might not be getting any cheaper, but you do get a lot more storage space for the same kind of money.S|A

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