MSI kicks off Princess Leia cosplay competition

As it prepares to kick off the Master Overclocking Arena 2010 finals

COMPANIES TEND HOLD all sorts of events and competitions to draw attention to either its products or events. MSI has just kicked off what it calls the Princess Leia cosplay contest on Facebook which gives you the chance to vote for one of five Taiwanese girls that will run around MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena finals dressed up as Princess Leia.

Normally we don’t really cover these kinds of things, but we couldn’t help ourselves this time, as this has to be the least product or event related competition ever. Although in all fairness, the European leg of the MOA qualifiers also had a Star Wars theme, so it seems like MSI has decided to go with it for the finals as well, but Taiwanese style.

The five girls in question will be dressing up to different “themes” during the weeks running up to September 11th when the MOA finals begin. The initial theme will be nothing less than “school uniforms” and the press release contains rather unusual terms like “sexy housemaid” and “innocent school girl” something we’re not used to seeing in press releases from technology companies.

If you don’t have a facebook account (which is required to be able to vote), you can still check out the girls profiles, as they’re hosted outside of facebook. The girls are: Wong Tzu-Chi, Ke Nian-Shuan, Amy, Bunny and Gaby (might be NSF!). Oh and there are prizes too, you can win anything from a flashlight to a courier bag all the way to a USB desk fan and even an MSI H55 motherboard by voting for one of the of the girls, as you’re automatically entered into the prize draw by voting.S|A

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