AMD finally axes ATI name

Does anyone really care?

AMD HAS ANNOUNCED that it finally has given up on the ATI brand name for its graphics cards and all its products will from now on just carry the AMD logo. Is this going to make a difference as to how people perceive Radeon graphics cards? Well, according to AMD, no.

According to AMD’s market research its customers are more familiar with the AMD brand than ATI and as such, AMD decided that it’s time to move on. Although the brand name change isn’t a big thing in itself – unless you’re really brand name fixated – we have to say that the timing is slightly strange. On the other hand, as AMD is about to launch Northern Islands in the near future it seems like AMD wants to deliver a clear message when it does so.

One potential hiccup would be Intel complaining about AMD logos on notebooks with an Intel CPU, but it seems like AMD has been thoughtful enough to design some logos without the AMD branding on them. However, in our opinion this is likely to cause more confusion, but according to AMD’s market research people are familiar with what a Radeon graphics card is. We’d have to say that this is a bit of a brand diminishing tactic which doesn’t seem like a really smart move.

AMD is also cutting out a lot of its current logos entirely which is good news and some of its current logos are nothing but confusing. The new system of logos isn’t set to break any new ground, but it does at least reduce the amount of logos used and the end result of that is when you buy a new notebook, it won’t be covered in stickers. Like it or not, ATI is gone, but at least its legacy lives on.S|A

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