HP adds $2.3 billion to its piggy bank in Q3

Still wants you to pick up the bill at dinner though

HP is an interesting company.  They have been cranking out quarterly profits in the $1-3 billion range every quarter like clockwork (recession or no recession, dot-com bubble or dot-com bust) for over a decade, yet it’s all seems very boring to the casual observer.  They are that grey blob that permeates the server room of many businesses.  They slap their logo on grey business notebooks, desktops, and consumer products that while functional and effective are simply unremarkable.   Well the blob has done it again.  Yesterday Hewlett-Packard held its quarterly financial analyst conference call in which it announced a solid third quarter overall operating profit of $2.3 billion.
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OCZ readying RevoDrive-B

Will act as a hard drive cache

OCZ’S REVODRIVE PCI Express based SSD was something of a surprise when it was announced and it’s a fairly unique product in the market considering its competitive retail price compared to a standard SSD. However, it’s now looking like OCZ is readying a new model called the RevoDrive-B which is yet another PCI Express based SSD, but with an extra trick up its sleeve, it’s got a pair of SATA ports for drive caching.
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AMD set to phase out 3DNow! support

Will rely on SSE instead

AMD’S 3DNOW! INSTRUCTION set was never as big of a hit as Intel’s MMX or SSE and it now seems like AMD is getting ready to drop support, sorry, that’s deprecate support for 3DNow! This means that most new AMD processors will no longer have support for 3DNow! but judging by AMD’s blog post on the subject, it’s hardly going to have any effect on the performance of its future processors.
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Study says that Internet trolls may die… sooner… probably

Perhaps we should resume feeding them?

Happy Friday everyone, aNd what a decisiVely glorious day it is turning out to be. It has been reporteD that people who feel the irresistible urge to be antagonIstic may in fact be whittling hours off their life spans faster thAn a chain-Smoker rUnning with sCissors through an airport security checKpoint.  So pop a couple quarters into the troll food machine, and let the feeding frenzy begin.
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Intel’s P67, H67 and H61 chipsets will lack native PCI support

Bridge chips to the rescue

INTEL’S NEXT GENERATION of consumer desktop chipsets will lack native support for the good old PCI bus which dates back to 1993. However, most of the motherboards, if not all, that we saw at Computex back in June still featured PCI slots and it only just dawned how this can be. It turns out that the bridge chip makers are going to be making some bucks here by selling PCI Express to PCI bridge chips.
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First PS3 “modchip” arrives

Allows for disc backup to hard drive

SONY’S PS3 WAS long deemed unhackable, at least until today when videos appeared on YouTube of a solution that allows you to back up the Blu-ray media that the PS3 games come on, onto either the internal hard drive of the PS3 or an external USB hard drive while remaining playable. The solution is called PS JailBreak and unlike previous solutions for older consoles, it doesn’t require the console to be opened, nor does any soldering have to be performed.
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Toshiba quadruples hard disk aerial density

BT junkies finding it hard to contain their excitement

The Association of People who Stockpile Digital Recordings of the Tasteful Expression of the Human Form, or APSDRTEHF (they are rumored to be voting on a new name in the near future), received word of an amazing feat of storage engineering today.  Toshiba is presenting a paper at the 2010 Magnetic Recording Conference in San Diego today outlining their research and successful implementation of a new technology that can cram a staggering 2.5 terabits of information into a single square inch of platter real estate.  For the layman, that’s about 300GB of information stored on a surface the size of a postage stamp.
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MSI kicks off Princess Leia cosplay competition

As it prepares to kick off the Master Overclocking Arena 2010 finals

COMPANIES TEND HOLD all sorts of events and competitions to draw attention to either its products or events. MSI has just kicked off what it calls the Princess Leia cosplay contest on Facebook which gives you the chance to vote for one of five Taiwanese girls that will run around MSI’s Master Overclocking Arena finals dressed up as Princess Leia.
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MSI is readying 870A Fuzion Power Edition

Sets the world right

MANY WERE DISAPPOINTED with MSI’s 870A Fuzion board, as it wasn’t the Hydra board many had expected from MSI. However, it appears that MSI is about to make amends as it’s getting ready to unleash the 870A Fuzion Power Edition. This is the board everyone expected MSI to release and it looks much closer to the early board pictures that appeared on the net.
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AMD quietly drops CPU prices

No huge discounts

YESTERDAY AMD QUIETLY dropped the prices for many of its Phenom II and Athlon II processors, although the biggest price drop is a mere 18.9 percent. Some models had their price dropped by as little as 99 cents and one model even went up in price by $4. We’ve compiled the numbers to make life easier for you to see the price changes, although there really isn’t much to get excited about.
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