Tim Sweeney and Andrew Richards talk about the future of graphics

The whole debate – Who eats the peeps?

Tim Sweeney and Andrew Richards were kind enough to put up with Charlie’s questioning, interrupting, and, in general, badgering about the future of gaming and coding at GDC 2010.  As requested, shall we say, demanded, by our paying readers, this includes all six parts in one go.

Also included for our demanding, but paying readers, a very kind forum member stepped forward to finish the subtitling and cleaning up of the subtitles.  His name on the forums is Fry and so please let him know if you appreciate his work. Do the same for our intrepid camera man, Robert Lupo, who went well above and beyond the call of duty to film this.

We will make no comment on how well or poorly YouTube’s matching algorithm works for the subtitle file, lets just say it is beta for a reason. However, we do hope that you enjoy, find it mildly to moderately interesting and worth every penny you paid us for the entertainment. The Backstories can be found on the original articles, parts 1-5, linked in the SemiRelated section to the right. S|A

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