Roku takes on Apple TV with new models

Streaming video from $59.99

POOR APPLE HASN’T even had a chance to start shipping its new Apple TV before Roku made its announcement today which consists of no less than three competing products, the Roku HD, XD and XDS, all of which are priced at $99.99 or less. The problem for Apple in this case is that the $59.99 Roku HD is the direct competitor to Apple’s $99 Apple TV, which gives Roku the advantage of having two more advanced models to beat Apple with.
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Zotac launches GTX 460 with three DisplayPorts

And a DVI port just because they can

NVIDIA HAS BEEN a little bit behind AMD when it comes to adding multi-display support on a single card, but it seems like one of its partners have gone and at least made things a bit more interesting. Zotac has announced its GeForce GTX 460 3DP card today which features no less than three DisplayPort connectors as well as a DVI port for some quad display action for resolutions of up to 6400×1200.
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Northern Islands Barts

benefits to moar, bigger?

WE’VE SPENT A fair bit of time over the last month pondering the upcoming Radeon series from AMD. Specifically, the card which is rumored to be the 6770 is of interest. Sure the bigger cards get the crowns and bigger fanfare but this should be a card that most of us are more likely to buy given the price ranges.
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PhotoFast announces 1400MB/s PCI Express SSD

And 430MB/s SATA 6Gbps SSD

BY NOW WE can establish one thing, SSDs aren’t going to get any slower. PhotoFast might not be the most well-known SSD maker out there, but this Taiwanese company is very popular in the Japanese market. Its latest additions won’t be available until next month and we’d expect there’ll be a pretty high price premium, but such is the case if you want to live on the cutting edge.
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