LaCie launches router/NAS combo

The plain but stylish Wireless Space

THE MAKER OF designer computer accessories – LaCie – has come up with a new device called the Wireless Space which as an intriguing combination of a wireless router and a NAS with a few other features thrown in for good measure. As with most of LaCie’s products, the Wireless Space features a very distinct design and although in this case it happens to be a black brick rather than something a bit more unusual, the plain design is actually quite appealing.
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VLI launches USB 3.0 Flash drive controller

Claims speeds of up to 100MB/s or more

THERE ARE ALREADY a few USB 3.0 Flash drives on sale, but it looks like we might be getting some more affordable solutions once VLI’s VL750 controller hits the market as in typical VIA fashion, this new controller should be more affordable than what’s currently available. That is, of course, pending USB-IF certification, but hopefully this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for VIA to gain.
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Supposed AMD Barts specifications leak

Looking very promising if the price is right

WHAT APPEARS TO be a slide from an AMD presentation about its upcoming GPUs has made its way onto the web once again via Chiphell and it gives away just about everything except the price of AMD’s upcoming Barts GPUs. AMD is putting these two parts up against Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 460 models and it will be interesting to see how they compare both in terms of performance and pricing.
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ASRock launches yet another mini PC

The Vision 3D 135B with discrete mobile GeForce 400-series graphics

IT APPEARS AS if ASRock has set its mind on becoming serious competitor in the mini PC market and its latest addition, the Vision 3D 135B looks like a huge step in the right direction compared to its previous attempts. Not only has ASRock come up with a much better looking chassis, but this time they’ve also added discrete graphics in the shape of a mobile GeForce GT 425M, alongside a mobile Intel Core i3 370M processor.
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Logitech launches new wireless trackball

Gets unifying receiver, laser tracking and a tweaked design

NOT EVERYONE LIKES to use a mouse and touchpads are something of a hit and miss depending on what you prefer. The third alternative, the good old trackball is still around for those that are looking for a different way to control their computer and Logitech has announced a new model today in the Wireless Trackball M570. The new model features a tweaked design which should make it more comfortable to hold than the older TrackMan Wheel and Logitech has also added a few other new features.
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