Samsung launches a pair of DisplayPort monitors

16:10 screens for business use

WITH MOST COMPUTER displays these days using 16:9 panels it’s refreshing to see that Samsung has decided to launch a pair of good old fashioned 16:10 displays, both sporting DisplayPort interfaces to boot. They might be intended for business use, but we can see a fair few consumers being interested in these new models as well.

The two models are the 22-inch SyncMaster 2243DW and the 24-inch 2443DW, the first has 1680×1050 resolution with the latter upping that to 1920×1200. Both models offer D-sub, DVI and DisplayPort connectivity and they’re of course HDCP compliant. The 2243DW features a brightness of 300 cd/ m², a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 5ms response time. The 2443DW has an even higher dynamic contrast ratio at 70,000:1, although for whatever reason Samsung seems to have omitted to mention the actual contrast ratio. Sadly both models use TN displays.

Both models come with a height adjustable stand with 80mm travel for the 2243DW and 100mm travel for the 2443DW and the stand also features pivot support. The 2243DW draws 28W in use with the 2443DW draws 47W while both models use less than 1W in standby. For now it appears as if the models are only on sale in Europe with the 2243 retailing for €269 ($376) and the 2443DW for €329 (459), which seems to be a fairly steep price premium to pay for the DisplayPort support, as you can pick up the otherwise similarly specced SyncMaster 2443BW for about €250 ($349) or less. In as much as we like the idea of having DisplayPort connectivity, this just doesn’t seem worth the cost, despite what is a pair of otherwise pretty decent displays.S|A

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