Cayman chips turn up in the wild

AMD 69xx cards right around the corner

AMD LogoIT’S THAT TIME of year again, yes, November, time for new high end GPUs to bloom. Luckily, ATI, sorry, AMD, is right on schedule. Cayman samples are now at AIBs.

Yes, you heard it right, some AIBs have Cayman chips now, and if everything else holds true to form, they should be on the store shelves across the world in 2-4 weeks. The kits come with a Cayman and some 6Ghz GDDR5, so the memory clocks will end up between 5.5-6GHz.

There are a lot of really bad rumors going around the net right now so be careful what you believe. The two things that we know are true is the memory speed and that barring a last second glitch, you will be buying them before Dec 1. Everything else should be taken with a glacier sized grain of salt.S|A

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