AMD talks new mobile parts

Six more code names to out

AMD logoAMD IS AT it again, this time with mobile GPU code names. Welcome the ‘Vancouver’ series of mobile GPUs, basically a mobile version of the 6800 line.

Mobile roadmap 

A bunch of code names and specs

The new chips, and some specs are topped off with Blackcomb, listed as 40nm 2nd Gen DX11 for the Ultra High-End Enthusiast market. Then comes Granville for the non-ultra High-Performance Enthusiast. Both are listed as 35+W category.

Below that comes Whistler which brings 2nd Gen DX11, Stereo/BD3D and Dynamic SG. We have no idea what Dynamic SG is, but Capilano listed below it only has 128-bit DX11 performance, no Dynamic SG. It’s loss will be felt as soon as we figure out what it is. Capilano also loses a gen of DX11, so it may be a 5xxx series ASIC. Both are in the 20-30W category.

On the low end we have Seymour and Robson. Seymour is 2nd Gen DX11, Stereo/BD3D and Dynamic SG, Robson only has DX11 and Dynamic SG. Both are <20W TDP products.

So there you have it, six new mobile parts, likely three 5000 refreshes, and three 6000 series parts. Other than that, not much more to say.S|A

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