Nvidia to launch GF119 at CES

8 ‘new’ rebranded mobile parts in all

Nvidia world iconTODAY NVIDIA LAUNCHED YET another Nvidia GeForce R-series card, short for rebrand, but that is not the only one. At CES, Nvidia will launch the GF119 along with a whole series of all new rebrands.

There are two GF119 ASICs making the rounds, both labled GF119-ES-B-A1 and GF119-ES-S-A1. To decode that, GF119 is the part itself, basically a barely tarted up GF108 that we first mentioned last spring. It was supposed to be a 32nm shrink of the 108, but instead it is a bug fix on 40nm, because, as you might remember TSMC cancelled 32nm and then delayed the 28nm.

There are 8 ‘new’ mobile parts, all collectively labeled the N12 family. On top, you have the N12E ‘Extreme’ line, with the N12E-GTX and -BE-B. The GTX was set to be called the GTX485M but more recent documentation has it labeled the GTX580M. There still is a month to go, so it very well might crack 600 before release. Here’s to hoping. The -GE-B is currently slated to be called the GT555M. They are listed at 70W and 35W respectively.

Below that we have the N12P line with a -GT, -GS, -GE, and -GP/LV. They are going to be called the 550M, 540M, 525M and 520M respectively. They are listed at 35W, 35W, 25W and 17W, hence the ‘LV’ tag on the 520M ASIC. All sport the GT prefix.

The lowest of the bunch is the GF119 based N12M line, and it is so unworthy it does not have a prefix at all. There are two 15W parts here, the 410M and the 315M, but these names will undoubtedly be revamped to reflect a more modern name. SemiAccurate has yet to see official docs with that name change on it.

We expect them to launch at CES with enough spin to puzzle physicists for years to come. Don’t expect interesting silicon though, there isn’t anything this time around. We expect the ‘new’ chips to do well, sources tell us that Nvidia is pricing them absurdly low in a bid to regain lost marketshare.  They promised marketshare gains in their last analyst CC, however it’s likely that margins be damned to achieve promised gains.S|A

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