Samsung to unveil the Infuse 4G at CES

CES 2011: 1.2GHz Android phone exclusive to AT&T

WERE EXPECTING TABLETS to the most widely announced products at CES, but they’re set to be closely followed by smartphones and Samsung is readying its own announcement in co-operation with AT&T. The Infuse 4G is one of Samsung’s first 4G handsets on AT&T and one of AT&T’s first 4G handsets at that and it’s a pretty impressive looking handset at that.

We don’t have a lot of the technical details as yet and in fact, we’re not even certain if it’s a “real” 4G handset as judging from the pictures provided by Samsung, the Infuse 4G appears to be an HSDPA+ device, rather than say LTE. We’ll be filling in the blanks as soon as we know more though. For now we’ll stick to what we know and that is that Samsung has crammed a 1.2GHz “application” processor into the Infuse 4G which should make it one of the fastest handsets out there, although it’s not clear if this is a single or dual core processor.

Other features include a huge 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display which Samsung claims features 50 percent more sub-pixels for better contrast and outdoor readability. This can’t be bad as one of the biggest problems with most phones these days is that it’s hard to see what’s going on in bright sun light. The phone will be running Android 2.2 which is a little bit disappointing and if Samsung’s track record for updating its Android phones is anything to go by, we’ll have to wait at least six months to see Android 2.3 on the Infuse 4G.S|A

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