A few more bits about Sandisk

CES 2011: SATA SSD chip info and big CF cards

Sandisk logoA FEW MORE tidbits about Sandisk and their single chip SATA SSD, plus another toy. Nothing major, just fleshing out their lineup.

The first thing is that we speculated that the single chip SATA SSD was a die stack, and that turns out to be the case. The part is made from a SATA controller with flash stacked on top. The dies are wire bonded to each other, so it could be just about any flash chip out there. The whole package may be special, but the components are not very different.

One more bit about the SATA SSD chip is where it is used. The new ASUS tablet has one under it’s cover. That is how they manage to put such a large SSD in such a small package. It sure beats the area taken up by soldering 9 individual chips on the mobo.

Lastly, Sandisk was showing off a 128GB CF card, which is also a UDMA 7 card and it’s really d**n fast at 100MB/s, quite useful for the photographer who A) Never wants to open his camera B) Still has something that doesn’t use SD cards. If you fit into one of those categories, Sandisk has the card for you.S|A

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