iPhone 5 to have displayport on board

CES 2011: What happens in Vegas leaks

Apple LogoTHE PHONE CALL came in out of the blue from a friend that works at a fruity themed company, “You at CES? Want to see something interesting?”. With those words, one of the biggest questions about the iPhone 5 was on the road to being answered.

Being snide, when we met up in a dark corner of the Venetian Hotel, I said, “Is that an iPhone 5 in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”. Needless to say, it was an iPhone 5, and from that point, I was sworn to secrecy.

That said, he did allow me to say one thing, the iPhone 5 will have a mini displayport jack on it, so you can finally do video out. Or you can just buy one of 74 phones not controlled by puritans with hangups about bikinis. Your choice.S|A

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