Acer not dropping netbooks, for now

Tablets to become more important though

A FEW DAYS ago a story by Computerworld suggested that Acer was about to move away from netbooks in favour of tablets, tablets with Sandy Bridge processors and Android no less. This was meant to have been said by Acer’s Taiwanese sales manager, but now the company has issued a statement to the contrary.

It turns out things aren’t quite the way that Lu Bing-Hsian, Acer’s Taiwanese sales manager supposedly said after all, as not only are Acer going to continue making netbooks, but the statement we received goes on to say that there are no plans to have tablets replace netbooks even in the future. That said Acer is working on a lot of new tablet products, just not the ones portrayed by the Computerworld story.

The statement goes on to talk about how mobility has always been part of “Acer’s DNA” and some other similarly fancy corporate PR speak and about the fact that “Acer recognizes that the computer market is changing.” Well, that’s some fairly obvious statements there, but Acer is also pointing out that as a company it’s doing a wide range of products and as such it’s natural to offer new product types from time to time, but it doesn’t automatically mean that other product ranges are being canned.

At the end of the statement Acer mentions that it’ll have a 10.1-inch Android and Windows tablet, as well as a 7-inch Android tablet, much like most of its competitors and some of these products have already been demoed by Acer. However, it also points out that Acer are currently not working on any Sandy Bridge tablets at the moment and the company isn’t foreseeing such a product in the future either. So that pretty much rubbishes all the rumours from a couple of days ago about the death of netbooks and Sandy Bridge powered Android tablets, oh well.S|A

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