CompuLab shows off embedded AMD Brazos system

How small can you go?

TINY COMPUTERS ARE cool, right? Well, in as much as that might be true, most tiny computers don’t perform all that well due to thermal issues and underpowered hardware. However, CompuLab has shown off its latest 0.98-inch (2.4cm) thick desktop system powered by AMD’s new embedded version of Brazos and it should offer not only fantastic performance for something this small, but it’s also packed to the brim with features.

CompuLab is a company that specializes in really tiny, low power computers, yet for their size they’re as feature packed as possible. The fit-PC3 as the Brazos powered model is called comes with either a dual core AMD G-T56N (1.6GHz) or a G-T40N (1GHz) APU, it measures 6.3×6.3×0.98 inches (160x160x25mm) and the chassis is made out of die-cast aluminium. The entire system is passively cooled which makes it even more impressive considering how thin it is. It still has enough room for a pair of SO-DIMM slots, two mini card PCI Express slots, a custom extension board and an internal 2.5-inch drive, which makes us wonder just how tiny the motherboard in this thing is.


Image courtesy of the Gadget Spot Israel

Connectivity wise there’s just about everything you’d want and then some with four USB 2.0 ports around the front and back, two eSATA ports, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort connector, a Gigabit Ethernet port and three audio jacks where one doubles up as optical S/PDIF out. Let’s not forget that it also has two Wi-Fi antennas that would connect to an internal mini card of the 802.11n Wi-Fi variety. Pretty impressive for such a small system, yet it should blow the competition out of the water at this size.

So the fit-PC3 isn’t exactly what we’d call sexy in terms of looks, it’s a tiny black box, but that’s just fine with us. It’s set to start shipping sometime in May or June for a yet unknown price and as CompuLab isn’t a retailer we’ll have to wait and see who picks this up. We’d expect the fit-PC3 to be quite expensive though, as it’s not a consumer product.S|A

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