Thermaltake opens its new offices

It’s red, red, red

EARLIER TODAY WE were invited to the grand opening of Thermaltake’s new offices in Taipei, Taiwan and to say that they’re something out of the ordinary in Taiwan would be to put it mildly. It’s much more open space than we’re used to seeing in Taiwan and the offices have plenty of unusual features, most of which you wouldn’t find in any office anywhere in the world.

As per tradition in Taiwan, Thermaltake was sent bouquets of flowers for good luck, something you see quite often in Taiwan when someone opens a new shop or business.


Thermaltake isn’t the only company in this new office building, but the company has no less than three floors in it and has built itself a very modern looking office inside.


Although cubicles are still rife, most of the staff still has a nice view of Taipei across the Keelung river towards Taipei city airport and the 101.


Most of the new offices are simply office space, but a part was reserved for testing purposes and we were told that the staff are allowed to use this space if they want to do some DIY work on their own PCs.


According to the sign on the door, this is a command center, so if you thought it was a meeting room, then you’re dead wrong.


A very unusual looking sofa and our tour guide, Thermaltake’s own Thore Welling. The offices are full of areas like this where the staff can chill out and play some games or just hang out.


Here we have Thermaltake’s CEO, Kenny Lin during an intense game of StarCraft II. What many of you may not know is that Thermaltake has its own professional team of gamers in Taiwan and this is in part why the TTeSports brand was kicked off. The team has its own section in the office where they play games all day and Thermaltake even provides dormitories for them. What you’re seeing here though is a set up for head to head gaming and in front of the glass cubicle is an area where spectators can watch the game being played on a pair of LCD TVs.

Finally, as every good company in Taiwan, Thermaltake has come up with a set of core values, which you can read in the picture below. It’s a very popular thing among Taiwanese companies to come up with these sorts of things, despite the slight weirdness factor.


In as much as this might just be a new office building, the fact that Thermaltake has made something that’s worthy of being shown off to both partners and customers alike seems like a very smart move to us. Most offices in Taiwan are horrible cubicle landscapes that aren’t attractive in any way whatsoever. Thermaltake has managed to create something that stands out and that is something to be proud of in a country where the working environment has been neglected for too long. Hopefully we’ll see more companies follow suite and re-think their working environment, as not only is it likely to lead to more productive staff, but it’s also likely to impress on partners and customers. Just one thing, if anyone else is thinking of following suite, can we tone down the red a little bit please?S|A

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