Tyan releases a new 4S board

Coincidentally, they also have a new barebones system

Tyan LogoAS SOON AS a chipmaker announces a new chip, the OEMs and ODMs come out with new products to support that part. In this case, Tyan has a new board and barebones system for the refreshed Opteron 6100 chips.

The board is the quad-socket S8812 based on the AMD SR5690 chipset, so nothing hugely new there. What is nice is that the board supports 8 DIMMs per socket, for a total of 512GB in a system. Having the full DIMM count wired in on a somewhat compact 4S machine is pretty rare now, so options here are appreciated.

Tyan S8812

The board itself

Other features on the S8812 include four PCIe2 slots, likely 3 4x and an 8x, three GigE ports, 8 SAS6 ports with a hardware LSI SAS2008 controller and hardware IPMI 2.0 support. Looking at the picture, we count 472 resistors, maybe 473 if that is one partially occluded by the SR5690 heatsink. A prize of not one but two gummy bears to the first reader that lists them all correctly.

Tyan S8812 barebones

The box with the board inside

The barebones system is basically the S8812 in a 4U box aimed at the HPC crowd, Tyan calls this the FT48-B8112. The chassis supports dual 770W PSUs, eight 3.5″ HDs, three 5.25″ drive bays, and six redundant 120mm fans. All of this is controlled through the IPMI interface, so is is all manageable.S|A

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