HP denies rumours about selling PC business

Calls it irresponsible reporting

RUMOURS ABOUT HP looking at selling its PC business have been circulating for the past few days, although the company has finally responded to the rumours and are calling them “Irresponsible reporting by Taiwan’s Commercial Times”. The rumours suggested that HP has been looking at selling its PC business for quite some time now and suggested that HP had been in talk with several companies about a potential deal.

The original source being the Commercial Times in Taiwan, a publication often quoted by Digitimes among others has really stepped in it this time. In as much as the Commercial Times have had its hits and misses, suggesting that HP is looking to sell its PC business to Samsung, with Lenovo and Foxconn said to also have been involved at an earlier stage, isn’t a story you publish without at least some solid leads.

Considering that HP is in the middle of a major restructuring with new leadership it doesn’t seem like this is a time the company would be in discussion with any of its partners or competitors about a sale of any part of its business. Even less so considering HP’s recent purchase of Palm of which we have as yet to see the first actual HP developed products, although the first products are expected to arrive within the next couple of months.

HP’s press release about the matter is short and to the point and continues “suggesting that HP might sell its PC business, should be dismissed as market rumor and speculation. HP runs the world’s largest PC business and it is core to HP’s strategy for the connected world.” The statement was issued by Bill Whol, HP’s senior VP and CCO. Make what you want of it, but it’s highly unlikely that HP would sell its PC business and it would be incredibly hard to find a company with enough cash to be able to afford such a purchase.S|A

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